Company Overview

From our humble beginnings in 2000 in the basement of a modest New Jersey home, Tris has been on a journey of passion, drive, and innovation for more than 17 years. During this time we have pioneered the development of long acting oral liquid products and long acting tablets that can be chewed, swallowed or taken as ODTs – all with the same pharmacokinetic profile. These innovative successes have enabled us to develop breakthrough treatments for the pediatric market as well as establish a niche generic business.

Today Tris has grown to over 500 employees embodying a multitude of skill sets and professional designations. We have more than a dozen solid and liquid products in the U.S. market based on our numerous NDAs and ANDAs. We have a rich and growing portfolio of more than 30 U.S. granted patents with many more pending. Our growth continues to be fueled by a mix of technology development and licensing agreements, partnered drug development, profit sharing and royalties on product sales, and commercialization of branded and generic pharmaceutical products.

We have grown to be one of the top 5 privately-owned specialty pharmaceutical companies in the U.S., and the only one of its kind to grow without the use of outside capital. While we have grown in size, many things at Tris remain unchanged from our early days. We still remain true to our DNA and operate with the same pioneering spirit – passion, drive, and innovation – that we have always had. This same spirit is what motivates us to continue to find ways to transform new ideas and discoveries into medicines that make life better for our patients and their families. 


Our mission is to understand the science of developing drug products with unique attributes, bring to market products that add value to our patients and customers, and provide a benefit to our company, employees and society at large.

Tris focuses on areas of high unmet medical needs and leverages our expertise to develop solutions that improve both health outcomes and people's lives. Our pipeline is broad in scope, is consistently growing and includes products for many different disease indications.


Our employees chart the success and shape the future of Tris. We believe it is the employees who make the difference. Believing in this as our motto and guided by the principles of meritocracy, we aim to employ the brightest, most talented individuals who are energized by solving problems and do so through the use of critical thinking and the in-depth understanding of their field. We expect our employees to have clear reasons for what they do and how they do it; to ask “why?”; to ask “why not?”. We expect them to delve deeper to look for solutions beyond what is generally acceptable as fact, or simply follow a playbook of what they have done before. We work in a collaborative manner, and recognize and reward performance that adheres to our cultural values. 

This approach has led us to develop products with unique attributes, and to manufacture hard-to-formulate products. We have continuously expanded both our R&D and manufacturing capacity, and own a 17-acre complex in central New Jersey which houses both our R&D and manufacturing facilities. 

Tris is supported by three Business Units that together form the backbone of our pharmaceutical business:

Tris’ branded pharmaceutical business is focused on improving patients’ experiences by offering extended-release formulations for the pediatric market.

Our generics division develops products that leverage our proprietary technologies and strong R&D capabilities.

A host of patented delivery technologies help us transform immediate-release dosage forms into extended-release formulations in liquid and other patient friendly forms with unique attributes.

Company Summary
Tris Pharma, Inc
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