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  There’s Nothing Soft About Soft Skills
by Kathy Bornheimer - Jan, 2009
The term soft skills has been around for decades. This concept is now being increasingly highlighted in many professional development or business articles in the past few years. What does this term or concept actually mean? I have always substituted the phrase soft skills with the paradigm of effective interpersonal communications skills. Yes, there are more words; but these words better describe what’s involved in this ski...
  Class is Earned and Learned
by Valerie Sokolosky - Jan, 2009
People notice more about you than you might think. One of my favorite clients shared, recently, that she was so appreciative of having a boss who walked his talk and was a leader everyone respected and enjoyed working for. “It’s the little things people notice and appreciate about him,” she explained. That conversation led me to think about some of the “little things” we can all do that reflect professionalism. Here are...
  Carve Your Success Key
by Nan S. Russell - Jan, 2009
I had just finished commenting to my husband how much I liked the use of copper in the Parade of Homes' kitchen we were touring, when I overheard another woman telling her husband how much she disliked the look. It made me laugh. It's funny how we see things differently. Work is like that too. It's fraught with differences of opinion. One of the more confusing areas can involve your performance. Early in my career, my boss...
  Business Owners, Don’t Just Survive In Today’s Economy, THRIVE!
by Bernadette Boas - Jan, 2009
Over the past few months, especially few weeks, everyone from politicians, bankers, the Fed, and your neighbor are spewing advice regarding the state of the economy, your stock portfolios, and your own wallets. Sell, stick it out, pull it out, stuff your mattress, and more. I often feel compelled to do the same, the difference however is, it comes with a bit of tough love. No one can or will deny that the evaporating stock...
  Organizational Changes Can Offer Great Opportunities for Advancement
by Liz Handlin - Jan, 2009
Practically every time I turn on the news these days I hear about how “bad” the economy is. I am not sure if the economy is officially “bad” unless you are in the mortgage business but it is most certainly a time of change. There have been lots of notable mergers and acquisitions recently which are good for my business because as soon as employees get a whiff of major changes in management they hurry to update their resumes. K...
  Catching People at Their Best
by Rebecca Ryan - Jan, 2009
I once got a lovely email from one of my staff members. Her son was sick, and she chose to work from home so that she could look after him. In her email, she thanked me for 'birthing' NGC and making it the kind of place where people can do their work from anywhere. Felt good. Really good. When I saw her that morning, I acknowledged receiving her note. She said, "You thank us all the time, and it occured to me that you prob...
  They Asked if They Could Have 5 Minutes...
by Rebecca Ryan - Jan, 2009
It seemed nonchalant. One of the YPs in the audience came up to me after my presentation and asked, "Could we just have a couple minutes of your time? We'd like to talk to you about something." It had that cryptic, keep-this-on-the-DL tone to it. I was intrigued. We sat down. There were six of them, elbows on the table, learning in like the eager, committed YPs they are. Then it started. "In the last two years, half...
  How To Handle The Stress Of Success
by Ramon Greenwood - Jan, 2009
Suppose you reach your career goals; your hopes and ambitions for success in your work have come true. Could you handle the stress of success? There's a myth that achieving your career goals - whether defined as money, prestige, power or more leisure time - provides peace of mind and happiness, fame and fortune. Truth is success is not an unalloyed panacea. Success almost always produces stress and pressure of one kind o...
  Follow-Me Leaders
by Nan S. Russell - Dec, 2008
"Weren't you afraid?" This is a common question friends ask after seeing pictures of how close we were to lions, elephants, leopards, and hippos. After all, our safari into the African bush wasn't Disney's Animal Kingdom, and watching a lion pride hunt and kill its prey made that apparent. But I never was fearful. There were times when adrenalin heightened my awareness, but the trust in our trackers and guides transcended my f...
  Why Leadership That Counts is Needed Now, More Than Ever
by Chris Makell - Nov, 2008
Lehman Brothers, AIG, Bank of America buys Merrill Lynch, the housing crisis, mortgage mess, fuel and food costs, on and on… While it looks dire, the times are creating opportunities for more people to become true leaders – not just in business, but in their lives. Let’s examine leadership from the two perspectives, personally and professionally to see where you can gain the most from these changing times. The current Wa...
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