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  Take Your Team to the Next LEVEL
by Phil Gerbyshak - Sep, 2009
My entire IT department is getting restructured, to ensure we have the right folks in the right seats on the bus, and so everyone clearly knows what direction we are headed. I’m quite excited about this, as it will give me help in re-writing job descriptions, understanding where I fit into things, and how my team shapes up with what our needs will be for the next 5-10 years. I’m also excited because the goal is NOT cost cut...
  Workers Feeling Job Stress, Too
by Ramon Greenwood - Aug, 2009
Yes, managers are under a great deal of pressure turbulent times and all of us are well advised to take this condition into account in managing relationships with them. It has never been more important for everyone to focus on the job at hand, do it in the best way possible and tread lightly so as to avoid undue confrontations. But there is another side to the coin. Managers need to keep in mind that employees are unde...
  In Your Career Sometimes Bad News is a Good Thing
by Barbara Safani - Aug, 2009
Recently I had to deliver some bad news. It was one of those situations where I could always come up with a reason to delay the conversation. It never seemed to be the right time; there was always something to consider that would make the information more difficult to bear. So I put it off and then I put it off some more. Because maybe somehow I would magically come up with a better way to deliver the bad news. Maybe the recip...
  Two-Sided Answers
by Nan S. Russell - Aug, 2009
The room was lovely, the bed inviting, the architecture interesting, and the philosophy appealing. That was my impression as we checked into a newly minted green-hotel in a resort town where we were eager to spend time relaxing. But when we checked out, lovely wasn't on my mind. Protective glass on the combined soaking tub/shower looked terrific, but giving a child a bath was impossible; oversized ultra-modern faucets made...
  Toxic Bosses: What to Do and How Not to Be One
by David Lee - Aug, 2009
In this article, we discuss: 1) How to minimize the impact of a toxic boss. 2) How to help a toxic—or counterproductive—boss. 3) How to make sure you’re not one of them. In today’s email, I received “An Antidote for Toxic Bosses” from BNet Insight. The author describes 4 things you can do to mitigate the emotional strain of working for a toxic boss. If You Have a Toxic Boss On Your Management Team... If you’v...
  Are You an Energizer or a De-Energizer?
by David Lee - Aug, 2009
I just did a program last week for an organization on “The Energizer Effect” and wanted to share with you a few of the major take aways. This information is especially critical if your organization is involved in work that is innately stressful and emotionally demanding, like: - health care - sales - customer service (especially call center) It’s also extremely important right now in history, given the challenging...
  Is Appreciation a Bad Thing?
by David Lee - Aug, 2009
At a supervisory skills seminar I gave a while back, a participant who was a new supervisor told the group he realized that he was thanking his people too much and that this was diminishing his credibility. "You mean showing appreciation is a BAD thing?" I was curious about how he "knew" it was diminishing his credibility, and asked him if it was a theory he had or if his employees actually told him this. Neither wa...
  Manager Mindfulness And Employee Morale
by David Lee - Aug, 2009
Are you including mindfulness in your own personal management development program? Just the other day, an employee shared with me a story about something her manager did that reminded me of the importance of cultivating mindfulness if you’re a manager. I’ll tell you about it shortly, but first, let’s look at what mindfulness is, and why it’s so important. Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Employee Motivation, Engageme...
  Misunderstanding Employee Motivation
by David Lee - Aug, 2009
When it comes to employee motivation, do you sell your people short—i.e. do you try to motivate them using the wrong things? For instance, do you continue to think the ticket to motivating employees is throwing more money or benefits at them? Do you worry that you won’t be to retain and engage your best employees because you are not able to pay as much—or more—than your competitors? If you answered “Yes” to these ques...
  Prime Your People for Greatness
by David Lee - Aug, 2009
In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever for your employees to access their “Warrior Spirit”—the term Southwest Airlines uses to capture the optimistic, can do nature they seek to cultivate. One of the ways companies like Southwest Airlines bring out the best in their workforce is by utilizing the power of priming. Through the application of priming, you can increase the odds that your workforce will:...
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