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  The Seven Secrets of Passive Candidate Recruiting
by Lou Adler - May, 2010
Between 1978 and 2002, I personally made 457 placements. These represented a combination of retained and contingency searches ranging from professional staff to general management. In addition, I was actively involved in another 283 search assignments where I either got the retained assignment, or had my candidates as finalists. In total, about 60 percent of these were true passive candidates. The others were hot tiptoers who...
  Moving Your Team From Activities to Actions
by Gary Cohen - Apr, 2010
Do you lead your team toward activities or actions? You might think “activities” and “actions” are more-or-less synonyms. When you begin to understand the defining difference, you will never look at the words in the same way again. “Activities” are those everyday behaviors that you do, the mundane, no-change, no-gap-closing initiatives. Activities are like merry-go-rounds; you’re constantly moving, but making no forward...
  Letting Go of RIF-ed Off Rage: Survival Stages & Strategies for Soon-to-Be Terminated Employees
by Mark Gorkin - Apr, 2010
One way I know that the economy is still in trouble is by speaking topic requests: a) recently I wrote about an after-dinner presentation on “Letting Go” for a career transition support group; to be tactful, many folks were “in between” jobs and b) two weeks ago I led a program on managing stress for county government employees who, due to budget cuts, have either been notified of a specific future termination date or know th...
  Leadership: In Building Trust, Character Matters
by Gary Cohen - Apr, 2010
What if you did something shameful in front of your employees or they found something out about you that you would prefer not to be known? How might your story unfold? You are multifaceted, and there are more dimensions to you than most people know. In fact, there are parts of your character that are unknown to you because the circumstances have not presented themselves yet for you to discover–or you may have a blind spot t...
  Gen Y Employees, Felons, and Constructive...
by David Lee - Apr, 2010
Gen Y Employees, Felons, and Constructive Feedback Do you want your team members to welcome your constructive feedback—rather than defend against it or resent it? Do you want to help create an environment that inspires excellence and frowns on mediocrity? If so, you can benefit from two very diverse sources of excellence: 1) a non-profit organization that rehabs hardened criminals with a 90% success rate 2) a c...
  What Companies Can Learn From the College Admissions Process
by Barbara Safani - Apr, 2010
I recently spent two weeks touring college campuses with my daughter. I quickly became fascinated with the process...everything from the information sessions to the student guided tours to the admissions requirements made me think about what hiring authorities at companies could learn from the college admissions process. What struck me on these tours were six things that schools practice routinely that you would think would...
  If You Don't Find Me First, You're Too Late
by Lou Adler - Mar, 2010
There are three basic types of metrics that should be used by recruiting departments to see how well they’re performing. Historical metrics like cost per hire and time to fill, tell you where you’ve been, but not where you are or where you’re going. While the trends of these are important, the information is too late to take preventative action. Process control metrics like interviews per day and job postings viewed and...
  The Strong Personality Safeguard
by David Lee - Mar, 2010
The Tale of a Smart Leader Just recently, while doing a program on recognizing and working with different personality styles for a management team, I heard a great example of self-awareness from the leader of the team. We'll call him Jack. Jack, a senior level manager, scored very high on the D, or Driver dimension for the DISC profile, which means he tends to communicate in a very direct, bottom line-oriented way. H...
  The ABCs of Success at Work
by Shweta Khare - Mar, 2010
Here are the ABCs of success at work – this is how I make the best of work at my workplace! A Attitude – When I wear my confident-happy-attitude at work; that is who I am that day. When I wear my ‘can-do-anything’ and ‘I-am-Successful-at-what-I-do’ attitude; that is who I am that day. I am always aware of the fact that my attitude defines who I am. My attitude at work and towards work has helped me make my workdays a ple...
  Sourcing the 85 Percent Who Are Not Actively Looking
by Lou Adler - Mar, 2010
If you follow these five steps you will find more top performers within hours: 1. Put the employee value proposition (EVP) in the ad title as a tagline. Here are two examples of before and after ads and the impact of this change. A hospital group in Northern California ran an ad for nurses with this title on a nurse job board: “Flight Nurses – Sacramento, CA.” It had few responses between Thanksgiving, 2009, and Feb. 5,...
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