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  You Can Survive the Micromanager
by Amanda Guralski - Nov, 2009
Get your boss to lighten up You find yourself wondering during your workday why you are preparing yet another seemingly useless report. Or your boss is in your cubicle a dozen times a day for weeks on end, and you’re not even currently working on a tight deadline. Or your manager seems obsessed about how you do you job and not about the quality of your work or your results. Lastly, your manager seems to want to control y...
  Help Your Team Deal With Change
by Phil Gerbyshak - Oct, 2009
Recently I had a conversation with a Twitter friend about a change his team was about to go through. Here’s how the advice and how you can help your team deal with change. Change isn’t easy, but if you do it right, you can minimize the long-term pain your team will go through as a result of the change. 1) Explain why you’re making the change – Why are you making the change? Your team probably thought everything was goi...
  Speak like a CEO: The Wisdom of a Chinese Proverb
by Suzanne Bates - Oct, 2009
This week I've been thinking about that saying, 'lead by example'. The origin of this well-worn standard is a Chinese proverb, yi shen zuo ze, which means 'to set a good example,' or 'set yourself as the standard.' For thousands of years people have known that a leader's actions must match his or her words. As I have discussed in the 8 principles of Motivate like a CEO, great leaders walk the talk. But is that enough?...
  Tips On How To Share Leadership Lessons With Stories
by Suzanne Bates - Oct, 2009
This week I was in Dallas at the Network of Executive women, to deliver a workshop on Storytelling for Business Leaders. We talked about how to become a great storyteller and share leadership lessons through those stories. You wouldn’t believe the number of executives who came up to me afterword to tell me this is exactly what their companies are asking them to do. Top companies have come to embrace the idea that their le...
  Training Leaders to Handle Uncertainty: Moving from Knowing to Not Knowing
by Gary Cohen - Oct, 2009
When the Dow Jones industrial average goes from over 14,000 to under 7,000 in roughly a year's time, not much is certain. Will your chief supplier survive the credit crunch? Will customers return to their old spending habits or continue to conserve? Is another industry primed for a crash? Our government has shown far-reaching power—rescuing companies it deemed too big to fail and letting others succumb to market forces. Wil...
  Seven Secrets of Successful Managers
by Phil Gerbyshak - Oct, 2009
Successful managers aren’t perfect. Successful managers do get more done, get better results, and have lower retention rates than unsuccessful managers. I don’t know all the secrets of being a successful manager, but I do know seven secrets that can help you be a more successful manager. Successful managers... 1) Are comfortable being themselves – Know who you are, and be comfortable with that. Know who you’re not, and b...
  The Power of Stories
by David Lee - Oct, 2009
How do you keep your workers inspired, determined, and confident in the face of change, challenge and uncertainty? One of the things you do—especially if you’re a business owner or senior level leader—is to tell stories. Not just any story. You need to tell the kind of stories that leaders at great companies like Ritz Carlton, Southwest Airlines, Nordstrom, and FedEx tell. They tell stories about the great things...
  Managing a Critical Aggressor: Case Example
by Mark Gorkin - Sep, 2009
Let’s try a mind exercise. You’ve just given a presentation at an important meeting. As the meeting concludes you turn to a colleague (a casual acquaintance) and ask, “How did the presentation go?” And in a decidedly judgmental and unfriendly tone this colleague declares, “Frankly, you fumbled the data. Obviously, you didn’t prepare very well!” Imagine being the presenter. How would you feel receiving such critical fee...
  Take Your Team to the Next LEVEL
by Phil Gerbyshak - Sep, 2009
My entire IT department is getting restructured, to ensure we have the right folks in the right seats on the bus, and so everyone clearly knows what direction we are headed. I’m quite excited about this, as it will give me help in re-writing job descriptions, understanding where I fit into things, and how my team shapes up with what our needs will be for the next 5-10 years. I’m also excited because the goal is NOT cost cut...
  Workers Feeling Job Stress, Too
by Ramon Greenwood - Aug, 2009
Yes, managers are under a great deal of pressure turbulent times and all of us are well advised to take this condition into account in managing relationships with them. It has never been more important for everyone to focus on the job at hand, do it in the best way possible and tread lightly so as to avoid undue confrontations. But there is another side to the coin. Managers need to keep in mind that employees are unde...
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