Company Overview

First Coast Security is a premium contract security service company headquartered in Jacksonville, serving clients in over 20 primary and secondary markets across the country.

As a strong mid-market company ($120M+ revenue), clients throughout the country entrust us as the best-qualified firm to protect their highest-value assets – while delivering the quality, value, and responsiveness that they need.

Our growth is fueled by selective clients who reject both models – and instead seek a security partner who offers strong responsiveness, low transitional risk, and exceptional past performance. Our market position also allows us to attract and retain the highest-caliber managers and executives – talented individuals who reject the hurdles and burdens inherent in other business models, and are instead driven to deliver highly-responsive best-in-class service. Our model and selectivity allow us to provide what competitors frequently deride as a “bespoke service”: we carefully select the right people, train them to exceed your specific requirements, and provide them with a culture that is focused intensely upon both client and employee satisfaction. This model best supports the type of long-term partnerships that have been the foundation of our success and resulted in employee and customer retention rates that far exceed industry benchmarks.

Brand Standards

Defining our brand starts with the vision that compelled our Owner, E. Bland Cologne, to found FCS. When asked why he started our company, his answer is always the same: “To protect my city, Jacksonville.”

As the company took shape and grew, our focus widened to other markets as customers quickly recognized what made FCS different from the competition: FCS delivers custom-tailored protection designed to meet each FCS customer’s unique needs. While we constantly strive to perfect our existing capacities and develop new ones as the needs of customers evolve, the offering we deliver to each FCS customer is never cookie-cutter. It is developed specifically for them.

Mission Statement
To advance the security industry by providing world-class services, delivered by highly trained professionals who are inspired to serve at their utmost potential.

We believe by executing this mission statement and our core values, we can change the purpose, professionalism, and performance of the security industry. We realize it may not happen today, but over time our rigorous attention to these values can have a lasting impact on our own employees, the customers we serve, and the security industry.

On the first day of orientation, every new FCS officer is introduced to and learns our core values:

  • Excellence
    We are inspired to our highest and best calling. In all endeavors, we passionately pursue excellence.
  • Courage
    We are fearlessly committed to doing what is right. We have the courage to lead and act decisively.
  • Integrity
    Honesty and integrity are the pillars of our success. We must earn and keep the trust of our customers, coworkers, and community every day by holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards.
  • Professionalism
    We make an impressive first impression. We are focused on consistently delivering our best attitude, action, and appearance.

These are more than simple mottos or words on paper. They are the basis of our training and leadership development programs and are posted at every work site. All leaders and supervisors are expected to exemplify and reinforce them daily, and all staff are evaluated on them regularly.

Moreover, these values are embedded in each of our systems and processes – allowing us to hold teams accountable to those values, and ensuring they are exemplified to the clients and communities we serve. They include:

  • Selection and screening processes that accelerate our Speed to Talent
  • Training and development processes that ensure staff are prepared to perform at the highest levels
  • Quality assurance processes and technologies that ensure we consistently meet key performance indicators
  • Recognition and incentive programs that reward and celebrate exceptional performance aligned with our values.
Company Summary
First Coast Security Services
Number of Employees
(813) 704-2994
1 Independent Drive
Jacksonville, FL